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I welcome enquiries by telephone or by e-mail for work anywhere in the the UK or further afield for any type of building or situation.

You are welcome to come to the studio, by appointment, to discuss a job, but there is no showroom or display area as all my work is made to commission. I will however be able to show you photographs of work and samples of the types of glass I might use.

If you are calling from some distance I usually send a portfolio of work (to be returned in due course!), then if you want to go ahead and commission work from me I will arrange to come and look at the location, measure up, and discuss your ideas with you. It is best if you have a general theme in mind for your window but are happy to leave the interpretation of it to me when it comes to the specifics of the design.

Having talked through what you would like to see in the window I will produce a scale drawing for your approval. If there is anything you are unhappy about I am usually prepared to make alterations to the design if I feel it won't affect the composition too much.

I don't usually charge a design fee as such, it forms part of the overall cost of the job, but if you have commissioned a design from me and then decide not to go ahead with the work for some reason, or you are asking for designs from several different people, I will then charge a fee based on a percentage of the projected costs of the finished work.

For large scale work I will ask for stage payments, otherwise I will invoice when the window is finished.
Please be realistic about time scales. I usually have work lined up for several months ahead but may be able to squeeze in small jobs for private houses, however you may need to be patient and wait a few weeks.

If you want to put a window in a church it often takes about a year from initial consultation to installation, due to the various committees involved in approving the scheme. If you have a particular commemoration in mind please plan well ahead!

Community projects also need realistic time-scales. At least a year from initial enquiry to completed work is not unreasonable, especially if community involvement, consultation and workshops are being envisaged, as it takes a lot of time to plan, organise and carry out on top of actually making the finished work.
I look forward to hearing from you

Stages of Commissioning

1. Consultation and design
2. Full size drawing
3. Cut the glass
4. Do any etching required
5. Paint any details onto the glass and fire in the kiln
6. Paint again and silver stain whre required
7. Lead up, solder and cement (weatherproof)
8. Install the window

Commission Us

You can commision work for your house, either fitted or a free-hanging artwork, for a church or for a public buiilding.